About Jenny Lee Sulpizio


I’ve been walking this road a little while…

…this journey of motherhood and being a woman of faith.

Every turn in the road, every hill climbed, every valley faced has helped to shape and mould this heart of mine. The lessons along the way have changed the way I parent, they’ve opened my eyes to the grace that He freely offers each morning, and they’ve brought me to a place where I’m finally starting to catch glimpses of His glory in the every day messes of my life.

I stopped striving for perfection a long time ago and in no way do I claim to have all the answers! I’m simply along for the ride and I’m happy to share the road with you, friend! (And if there’s a chance we get to stop for a good cuppa coffee along the way? Well, I’m down for that!)

I’m a Jesus-loving wife and mama of three amazing kiddos—residing in the uber warm state of Arizona. And I love using this space God has given me and the platform of my books to offer encouragement along with messages of hope and grace, all while equipping my readers with practical tips and Scripture-based principles that motivate them to a place of action.

You can find me writing for The MOB Society and The MOM Initiative through each month. And you’re more than welcome to  join me each Tuesday, right here as I share a bit of what I’m learning as I navigate the trenches of motherhood, grapple with the tough questions of faith in the face of an discouraging world, and actively seek His grace and direction for each and every moment of my day.

I’m so glad you’re here…along for the journey.



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