You, sweet friend — mean so much to me.

And that’s why I cannot wait for you to join…

I’d like to officially extend an invitation to join a community of Jesus-loving women who come together to talk about motherhood and being a wife, following our Savior, and sharing His love in our community…in very real and intentional ways. I’ve got so many ideas of how we can link arms together, so many projects we can partner on to make His name known in our families and neighborhoods and I desperately want you on the team!

Each week, we’re going to take some time on Saturdays (well, that’s when I’ll send you a note, but you can read it anytime) to connect and grab hold of that intentionality — sharing our hearts and lives together! You can think of it as a sort of newsletter, but it’s a lot bigger than that — it’s a conversation and a community! I’ve got so many things in the works for this special group — including some soon to be launched projects and exclusive offers just for you!

Names of Christ Printable

And if you sign up for The Breakfast Club right away, you’ll be able to snatch up my very first special offer for you! This wonderful printable is my first “thank-you” gift for taking that next step with me! But it’s not going to be available for very long — so hurry up and sign up today! I promise to only send you content that is going to bless and encourage you in your journey!

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