She may be tough, beautiful, and practically perfect in every way, but saving the world is only easy when you’re Wonder Woman. Being a mom, on the other hand? Now, that takes some serious superpowers.

A lasso of truth, bulletproof wristbands, and an invisible airplane. Throw in a golden tiara, great hair, and abs made of steel and you’ve got a gal theoretically capable of saving the planet (and looking fabulous in the process, too, I might add). But moms aren’t looking to save the world. Nope. They’d settle for well-behaved kids, a clean home, an occasional nap or two, and maybe an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom every once in a while. They’d trade in the need for perfection–the desire for acceptance–and willingly cast aside those unrealistic expectations they’ve placed upon themselves in their roles as mothers.

Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe provides the modern-day mommy with sanity-saving tips, advice, and hilarious real-life accounts that every supermom can most certainly relate to, benefit from, and appreciate. After all, the reader may not have been born with superhuman strength, but with God on her side, Jesus in her heart, and the Holy Spirit in her corner, she’s more than equipped to handle the daily battles that rage before her. ”So hold on tight, girls, as we prepare to tackle this role of motherhood together: the good, the bad, (the slightly ugly), and everything in between.”



Brooke McGlothlin

Carey Scott

Cheri Gregory

Erin MacPherson

Gillian Marchenko

Heather Riggleman

Jessica Wolstenholm

Joanne Kraft

Lucille Zimmerman

Shelley Hendrix

Susan DiMickele


Welcome to Real Mama Confession Videos —a series of “confession” style videos from some of my friends and fellow authors — we’re all mamas and we thought it was about time to throw off all pretense and get real!  We all have things we do (or don’t do) as mamas that we probably don’t want other people to know about…well, at least not our mother-in-law! But we were never created to be perfect, who are we trying to fool?  Check out these videos from me and my friends and feel free to share your own video on social media with the hashtag, #realmamaconfession



Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the ever-growing-never-ending monster of laundry? Feel like you could never take a sick day without the entire house falling to pieces? Do your kids have that radar whenever you need to use the restroom and suddenly forget all basic manners of knocking before entering? You’re not alone and in an effort to save your sanity and mine, I’ve created a series of printables to help you with situations like these and more! Simply click on button below and you’ll be taken to my Free Printables page — where you’ll find all kinds of goodies created with you in mind!


The Buddy Back-Up Plan: When Mama’s sick and in need of some serious help.

The 30-Minutes-Per-Day Cleaning Schedule: Thirty minutes is all you need.

The Dirty Rule: A must-have for every family.

Laundry Schedule: Simply fill it out and stick to it, mamas.

Peeing in Peace: The Five-Minute Scavenger Hunt (Indoor Version): Desperate moms resort to desperate measures.

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