Free Printables


In this space, you’ll find a host of printables related to my books, various blog posts, and promotions. I’m hosting them in one easy-to-access space for you, but I will let you in on a little secret — members of The Breakfast Club often have first access to any printables (or resources or sneak peeks of my latest books, or videos, etc.) and sometimes I create exclusive printables just for them, so if you want to join this incredibly vibrant community of women who love Jesus and want to be more like Him…sign up over there!


Sanity-Saving Mommy-Must Have Printables

This series of Sanity-Saving Mommy-Must Have Printables was originally created as a complimentary resource for my book, “Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe” — so, if you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by the ever-growing-never-ending monster of laundry? Felt like you could never take a sick day without the entire house falling to pieces? Or if you have kids with radar whenever you need to use the restroom and who suddenly forget all basic manners of knocking before entering? — then, these are for you!

Scripture Toolkit

I love being able to put God’s Word up on the walls of my home as a marker of His promises, His goodness, and His love. It’s a beautiful reminder for my heart and it’s a subtle way for me to start impressing His Truth on the hearts of my children. Here are five of my favorite Scriptures, transformed into beautiful art prints you can put up in your home, at the office, or print them smaller and sneak them into a backpack or suitcase of a loved one!

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