Simone Biles.

The world’s watched as this beautiful young woman has flipped, turned, twisted, and jumped her way into history. Medal after medal, she’s earned the title of one of the best athletes in the world. Her smile is contagious just as her spirit sparkles. And as a nation, we are so proud to call her ours. We are beaming over this gifted soul and the stars and stripes she’s honored at the 2016 Olympic games.

But Simone Biles’ life hasn’t always been so glorious.  Before the medals and the accolades came the struggles. From a mother (and father) addicted to drugs to stints in foster care, Simone’s future was not only uncertain, but appeared bleak at best. Dim. In fact, it wasn’t until her grandfather (and his wife) stepped in and made the decision to raise young Simone (and her sister) that things began to change. And the rest you could say is history.


However, there’s a part of this story that the media hasn’t addressed just yet (and won’t). A piece of her past that hasn’t been discussed but one that deserves our attention.

Even though Simone’s young life was plagued with uncertainty and instability, one fact still remains:

Simone’s mother chose life.

Now, think about this for a minute: despite her personal demons, her addictions, and yes, her circumstances–despite what this world was telling her and the “reproductive rights” she could have exercised–Simone’s mother chose to bring her into this world. And for that, she’s to be commended. With two children already and a less than stable homelife, abortion could have been the answer to her problems. Instead, her decision gave our nation what we have today: a beautiful, gifted young woman, who not only lights up the arena with her presence, but radiates an inner confidence and strength for all to see. And she’s just one example of what can happen when we let God be God…when we rely on our Heavenly Father and His plan instead of taking matters into our own hands. When we understand that each one of us is a soul created for a purpose–intricately woven with unique gifts–to share with the world.

To me Simone is so much more than an Olympian. She’s more than the medals she wears or the attention she commands. This young woman represents beauty from the ashes. She represents what God is capable of if only we would learn to trust in Him and His Word…if only we opted to ignore what the world condones and embrace what He promises…

But. God.

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. 1 Peter 5:10







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